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John Green


John Green goes up to the counter and orders an espresso shot. The barista gives him a venti cafe espresso frappucino. Green says, “This isn’t what I ordered.” The barista replies, “You ordered a drizzle, I’m giving you a hurricane.”

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Emily Bronte


Emily Brontë goes up to the counter and orders a cafe latte. The barista misunderstands her and gives her a decaf capuccino. Emily storms out in a fury, and spends the next decade walking past Starbucks carrying cups of Caribou Coffee. She and Starbucks never reconcile.

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Garcia Marquez


Gabriel García Marquez goes up to the counter, orders an iced latte, and chats excitedly with the barista for about an hour. “Sorry I’m so talkative,” he says. “I’ve been alone for what feels like a century.”

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Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty goes up to the counter. “Which drink has the most caffeine?” she demands. The barista hands her a cafe americano. She drinks the whole thing in one gulp.

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George R.R. Martin


George R.R. Martin goes up to the counter and orders a series of incredibly complicated drinks, each more detailed and layered than the last. The barista works for an hour and finally hands them across the counter to Martin, who promptly throws one of them away with little to no explanation. That coffee had been the barista’s favorite.

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" I should probably masturbate "
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